1e535052305164ed18129c03646e050e108e9b67788af-N0jKEX_fw658 (658×2486)

1e535052305164ed18129c03646e050e108e9b67788af-N0jKEX_fw658 (658×2486)

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ArtStation - UI/UX Artworks, Andrii Shafetov

A set of examples of my UI/UX input for Assassin's Creed Franchise of Ubisoft.

Totemori в Steam

Totemori is a single screen arena game where you where you build towers while trying to topple everyone else’s!

The Universim Game UI Concept by Koshelkov on DeviantArt

Hey guys, check out The Universim game that I'm working on along with awesome Crytivo Games Team. The Universim Game UI Concept