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Incredible "Open Black Box" by Tom Friedman, I do not like this, as a result of it's the I is just precarious,. Superb "Open Black Box" by Tom Friedma. Op Art, Contemporary Sculpture, Contemporary Art, Art Conceptual, Instalation Art, Math Art, Black Box, Art Plastique, Cubes

Artist Spotlight: Tom Friedman

Tom Friedman "Untitled" 30,000 toothpicks I his work, Friedman uses everyday things and turns them into something different. His medium is everyday objects which he turns, or transforms, into art pieces that are as unique as the supplies he uses to make them in the first place. "Alien" In the piece above, Friedman uses a variation of styrofoam balls and turns them into a human form, which he entitled, "alien". The use of the different sizes adds to the feeling of an alien like creature, also…

The Giant Bubbles of Luka Fineisen The work of artist Luka Fineisen seems like it may exist for only a moment. Giant bubbles are scattered throughout the gallery floor. The size of the bubbles are. Giant Bubbles, Blowing Bubbles, Sculpture Art, Sculptures, Bubble Art, Booth Design, Installation Art, Art Installations, Amazing Art

Luka Fineisen

TRIANGULATION is a digital art based research which encourages the dissemination of creative concepts and aesthetics from fields such as Computer Graphics, Internet & Video Art with a high emphasis on abstract and geometric aesthetics as well as on experimental processes and techniques.

no form (presso Fondazione Mudima) Contemporary Art, Calligraphy, Lettering, Calligraphy Art, Hand Drawn Typography, Modern Art, Letter Writing, Contemporary Artwork


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Roberta Savelli

Roberta Savelli

I WONDER Ortisei - St. Ulrich (BZ) fino al 05/08/2011 Galleria Ghetta -

WISH Wish, Polaroid Film


The diary of an alchemist

Tom Friedman, 'Untitled' Soap and the artist's pubic hair Tom Friedman, Toms, Hair, Strengthen Hair

Tom Friedman

Tom Friedman, ‘Untitled’ (1999) Soap and the artist’s pubic hair Share this:Share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Tumblr (Opens in new window)Click to share on …