Practice martial arts

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an anime character is standing in the water
*•.✿(나는 영웅의 라이벌이 되었다)I became the hero's rival✿.•*
an image of a woman in the air with her arms spread out and hands outstretched
Absolute resonance
an anime character is holding his hands on his hips and looking at something in front of him
a man standing in front of a clock with his hands out to the side, surrounded by colorful lines
Cultivation art
an anime character with red hair and blue eyes is facing another character in the background
Mythical art
Ska, Character Art, Kendo, Anime Ninja, Katana, Anime Style, Sword Art
an anime character is flying through the air with his arms in the air and one hand up
Woon Sowol || The Millennium Alchemist
an image of a golden object in the middle of a dark room with light coming from it
an animated video game is shown in the dark with lights coming from it's center
an image of some kind of artwork in the air with clouds and neon lights around it
Nine hollow cave
the golden dragon is surrounded by four different colored circles
an image of a woman standing in front of a blue and yellow background with clouds