Horizontal A4 Brochure Mock-up by yogurt86 design studio

Horizontal Brochure Mock-up by design studio I wouldn't say that this is a bad brochure but it's not one that I care for. It doesn't catch my eye or make me want to turn the page.

Wicked Graphic Design by Alexandra Turban

I think the overall all concept of this card is really cute and gives me a sketchbook feel. Target audience- people who like fun and querky stuff The blue and pinks works perfect in this design. I love the random spots of black.

Fun Fan Festa 2014 どんどん出てくるこの夏のお楽しみ! 7.19[Sat]〜8.17[Sun]

Fun Fan Festa 2014 どんどん出てくるこの夏のお楽しみ! 7.19[Sat]〜8.17[Sun]

The Vision magazine contents page. Image are placed in a same way to other contents page idea but the overall layout is simpler. Better for a magazine?

Contents Page) Unconventional placement of images and minimalist design of sans serif font with limited colour scheme to put focus on the stories and their images.