WTHR iPhone App | Designer; David Elgena - http://wthr.co

WTHR Dieter Rams’ Ten Principles for Good Design inspired the latest weather app, WTHR, by Visual Designer David Elgena. The identity of Braun products subtly come through with the classic minimalist.

Microsoft future vision

Productivity Future Vision Watch how future technology will help people make better use of their time, focus their attention, and strengthen relationships while getting things done at work, home, and on the go.

What about the weather eh?

Goin' on with the project - MiniMeteo iPad app

UI element / Dribbble - Goin' on with the project - codename: AA Meteo by Alberto Antoniazzi


Pastel Dashboard

Illustrator hot key cheat sheet wallpaper

Adobe Creative Suite Toolbar Shortcut Wallpapers [Exclusive]

Adobe Creative Suite Toolbar Shortcut Wallpapers, These shortcuts of Adobe Creative Suite Toolbar Shortcut Wallpapers and release them as wallpapers for.

propeller head2

I love the clean design and retro faded colour scheme on this iphone App 'Figure' by Propellerhead Software.

propeller head3

Swedish software firm Propellerhead (the makers of Reason) put together not only a simple eye appealing music making app but one that has controls that will have you making music in just a few minu.


Holo Timer

propeller head5

Pretty fun user interface and color palette // Propellerheads unveils Music Making App

Windows 8 new interfaces

Windows 8 preview shows touchscreen interface revolution