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This weekend: come hang out and celebrate our new Milky Jelly Cleanser Were reopening the showroom for our NYC neighbors Saturday and Sunday only (1/16-1/17) from 12 to 6pm. 123 Lafayette St Penthouse. tap geolocation for exact coordinates. #glossierpenthouse by glossier
I popped into the @glossier NY showroom yesterday. It's funny because I tried Glossier back when it first launched & there were only a few products. I was a bit underwhelmed but since then I think the brand has been developed into something very clever & there's no denying there are some great products. I left with three bags full & a big smile on my face 🙌🏼
binu binu soap.
160623 - GDL - 패키지 - 최혜진
The mahogany medicine chest contains boxes, bottles and tubes of medications to treat a number of conditions. The chest includes treatments to purge the body by vomiting (emetics), by sweating (diaphoretics), as well as general purgatives such as rhubarb, jalap and calomel. Other medications include pain relief, such as opium plus astringents and stimulants, including ginger and lavender. The chest contains a handwritten inventory listing the medications.
Handmade soap & bath luxuries from Bathhouse Soapery, a boutique shop in Hot... - -
Delbove flagship boutique by Christophe Remy Brussels