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Mochiice // take away packaging The bold and vibrant print on these designs makes the entire identity. The use of the print makes the identity feel uniform and complete. The typographic works very well with the minimalist design of the product.

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I like how the honey/jam jars are designed to fit in the packaging, she shape is unique. I like how there are different forms to make up the one, and how they all fit together nicely.

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Mamalu branding/identity design by Anastasia Yakovleva & Alice Paviotti, on Behance

//Live in Montreal? L​ooking for vintage rentals and handmade items to compliment your wedding or event? Vous restez à Montreal? Vous cherchez de la décor et des accessoires 'vintage' et faits à la main pour compléter vo​tre mariage/événement?

Here you go lets go on a picnic curated via Packaging Diva PD - created on

해외) 옆에서 봤을 때도 심미성이 좋고 펼쳤을때도 4칸으로 분리되어 섞이지 않게 분리하여 담아서 보관할수있는 장점이 부각된 디자인이다.

"Style and smart on the go”. This challenge aligns perfectly with a current lifestyle trend: meals that are eaten on the go, straight out of the pack. The assignment is to create a concept that includes a stylish and smart on-the-go meal packaging solutio



Frootloops ‪‎cereal‬ ‪‎packaging‬ designed by ‪student‬ Prachi Deshingkar, Shikha Kanakia (‪India‬) -

Frootloops (Student Project)

Food infographic Frootloops ‪‎cereal‬ ‪‎packaging‬ designed by ‪student‬ Prachi D. Infographic Description Frootloops ‪‎cereal‬ ‪‎packaging‬ designed by