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Vertical Farming Infrastructure.  #UrbanFarm  #VerticalFarming

Hydroponic Urban Agriculture which can be run on fish waste water from intensive fish farming. This is called aquaponics. The plants clean the water for the fish, the fish water nourishes the plants as it is pumped around the system.

The world's first robot-run farm will harvest 30,000 heads of lettuce daily

After running their first indoor lettuce farm, SPREAD is branching out into an ultra-efficient operation that will be almost entirely automated.

Image 2 of 12 from gallery of In Tokyo, A Vertical Farm Inside and Out. Courtesy of Kono Designs

Urban farming and corporate culture collide in this Tokyo office building In the center of Tokyo’s busy financial district is Pasona, a multi-national recruitment firm.

Sky Greens Vertical Farm in Singapore; commercial hydroponic farms utilize…

Sky Greens Vertical Farm in Singapore; commercial hydroponic farms utilize control systems like iPonic system, to manage and control all equipment.

At just 538 square feet, this vertical garden is specifically designed to fit into tight, urban spaces.

[Recycling Lecture] Using rooftops and common spaces as green growing spaces is a form of recycling dead space into something that could further advance the vitality of locally grown food and produce.

Conservation agriculture: an overview

While we have produced food crops through conventional tillage for many years, this has come at great cost to our environment and soil productivity with negative impact on our households' food security.