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20 How to Learn Chinese Language Tips from the parents, for other parents!

20 How to Learn Chinese Language Tips

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Learn about the African savanna and its rich wildlife by creating an animal-filled shoebox diorama.

The first thing to do on the morning of New Year’s Day is to set off firecrackers to drive away evil spirits. Afterward, the Chinese will have the first meal of the year, which is as important as the reunion dinner for most Chinese people.

New Year's Day: get up later; eat sticky rice balls or dumplings for breakfast; say new year's greeting to everybody you meet.

January 5th: People welcome the God of Wealth from all directions and routes. It’s a custom to eat dumplings on this day and set off firecrackers.

Lunar January 5 (Feb -- It’s the day when Money God is believed to tour the human domain. Once again, firecrackers explode everywhere in China like thunderstorms, as everyone is competing for Money God’s gracious attention.

DIY Reading Pointers and Bookmarks

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