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The Contradictory Beauty of Hi: tumblr_lurrswP6tk1qf9v2mo1_1280.jpg

Japanese artist Xhxix, also known as Hi, creates multilayered digital illustrations that entrance the viewer with their subtlety. With a color palette that looks like the rainbow reflection on a so…

xhxix:  digital image, 2012

Sam, Emma, and Georgia.Japan-based artist Xhxix creates these amazing digital portraits that have a uniquely surreal quality to them. The use of vibrant colors and dull skin tones creates a beautiful emotional juxtaposition.

xhxix:  digital image 2015

I really like all of the details in the boys' face. It gives a sad tone to the picture and i also like the color choices of the reds because red symbolizes anger and i feel like the boy maybe is mad.