Parasite Museum on Behance by Joclyn Tsiah curated by Packaging Diva. Rebranding of the existing Meguro Parasite Museum of Tokyo. Not a whole lot of packaging but I couldn't resist the colors and the design : )

Rebranding of the existing Meguro Parasite Museum of Tokyo, conveying a friendlier yet simultaneously mysterious representation of a museum that educates the public about the unknown world of parasites.

囍 on Behance

TYPOGRAPHY/DESIGN: This design smartly incorporates English letters and a Chinese character. It reminds me of Xu Bing, an artist who uses English letters to create Chinese characters.

Mathias Temmen / Designer & Art Director - Work - Vintage Butcher Logo

Cool logo could be good for a business card idea, substituting the cow for something else. Either for Roastery or Cafe?

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Now, step better hope that the coffee tastes good to me!!!

GIVE ME COFFEE NO ONE GET HURT Neon light Sign 18"w * 14"h

Burger King logo transformation

Before McDonald's famous golden arches, it was "McDonald's Famous BBQ." Check out the evolution of company logos from the most recognizable brands of today.

follow the neon sign - Burger Joint

Best New York restaurants: cool restaurants in Brooklyn, Queens and Manhattan, including Bloomingdale’s Le Train Bleu, SRO Speakeasy Pizzeria and Burger Joint