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A large nautiloid Orthocone attacking the trilobite Isohels maximus in the Ordovician by Richard Bizley

crustaceos prehistoricos

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Douglas Henderson
Uberasuchus terrificus, cocodrilomorfo del Cretácico tardío de Brasil

protococodrilos y anfibios

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An artist's rendering of Ban-dringa, a shark from 310 Ma ago first found in fossil deposits-Mazon Creek, IL

peces prehistoricos

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Hell Creek Ornithomimid by ChrisMasna on DeviantArt
#wattpad #fanfic naruto el maltratado por toda la aldea ya que sus padres decidieron que el era la reencarnacion del kyubi y la aldea entera lo odia pero solo unas pocas personas lo aprecian este decide ser fuerte y demostrar que es enrealidad.... (Leer para saber mas)
Deinocheirus by PaleoGuy on DeviantArt


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Apatosaurus dinosaurs drinking water at the edge of a lake by Michele Dessi


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Studio 252MYA on Twitter: "Edmontosaurus annectens // Nathan Rogers This North American “duck-billed" dinosaur lived near the end of the Cretaceous. It could grow as big, or even larger than a Tyrannosaurus. https://t.co/NQiyYaEvzu… https://t.co/MZBBAqoODi"
Torosaurus in 1/15th scale


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Crioceratites Artwork by Franz Anthony / @franzanth Ammonites were a diverse group of animals that had different lifestyles and...
Dromaeosaurus "running lizard" was a genus of theropod dinosaur which lived during the Late Cretaceous period (middle late Campanian), sometime between 76.5 and 74.8 million years ago, in the western United States and Alberta, Canada. The type species is Dromaeosaurus albertensis, which was described by William Diller Matthew and Barnum Brown in 1922


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Andrey Atuchin y Vlad Konstantinov - Psittacosaurus Sibiricus - 2012
Todo sobre el STEGOCERAS


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dinosaurios marinos

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Ancient whales (Basilosaurus and Dorudon) by namu-the-orca on DeviantArt
Dinosauria Mosasaur Statue by Sideshow Collectibles | Sideshow Collectibles
Monstruos Marinos de la National Geographic.

dinosaurio - dinosaurios marianos

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dinosaurio - dinosaurios dibujos hd

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Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom: Stygimoloch V3 by sonichedgehog2

dinosaurio - Otro

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an image of a man standing in the fog with a large fish on it's back
a blue bird with long black feathers on it's head and large, curved beak
an image of a bird that is looking at the camera with it's mouth open
three different types of antelope are shown in this image, one is brown and the other is white
a painting of a bird with it's mouth open and its wings spread out
two birds flying in the sky with clouds
an artist's rendering of a dinosaur and a human figure
an image of a dinosaur with its mouth open
an image of a dinosaur that is in the process of being rendered by 3d printing
there are two birds standing on the ground
an image of a bird with very long beak
an artist's rendering of a dinosaur with blue and white stripes on its body
a white bird is flying in the air
an animal that is standing up with its mouth open
an artist's rendering of a dinosaur walking on the sand near water and trees
three dinosaurs are walking on the beach together
a large dinosaur standing next to a man
an artist's rendering of the raptor v falcon morphh from harry potter
Brycen Roberts (@Brycenator100) / X
Jurassic_World_Fandom (@Brycenator100) / X
an animal that is laying down in the water with its head on another animal's back
Artwork Reproductions - Giclees, Paper Prints, Prints and Gift Store
an artist's rendering of a dinosaur standing on the ground with grass and dirt
an image of a dinosaur on a black background
an image of a dinosaur with its mouth open
a large turtle swimming in the ocean with many small fish around it's neck
several sea animals swimming in the blue water with bubbles around them and one is looking up at the camera
an artist's rendering of a dinosaur standing in the grass with its mouth open
Yuzhusaurus magnificus
an image of a fish that is swimming in the water with it's mouth open
Unsolved Paleo Mysteries Month #12 – Muddled Mosasaurs Numerous groups of reptiles have “returned to the water” and become aquatic over the last three hundred million years, but tracing their direct ancestry can be surprisingly difficult. Highly...
an image of a big fish that is in the dark night sky with its mouth open
sinseidai of Masato Hattori / Dinasaurs CG