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A giant Phorusrhacid patrols her territory; blackbirds and cranes fly in the background. 2 million years ago.
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an animal that is standing in the snow
a large stuffed bear walking across a white floor
an image of a brown bear walking in the snow with caption that reads, florida cave bear tremanetos fiordianus
Tremarctos floridanus by Dantheman9758 on DeviantArt
an elephant walking across a dirt road next to trees
two owls standing next to each other on a beach
a brown and white llama standing on top of a dry grass covered field with trees in the background
a deer with large antlers standing in the grass
an image of a bird that is looking at something
Ida on X
a drawing of two animals fighting over a tiger
Prehistoric Deer, Sinomegaceros
Sinomegaceros pachyosteus, a large Cinese elk of the Pleistocene, was 2.2 m in length, 150 m in height and weighed 400 kg. It sported impressive 5 ft+ (1.6m) fan-like antlers.
an artist's rendering of some animals in the wild
an animal with large horns standing in the grass
an animal that is standing up with it's mouth open and its teeth out
Eusmilus ('true sabre') is a prehistoric genus of the family Nimravidae, subfamily Nimravinae endemic to North America, Europe, and Asia during the Late Eocene-Early Oligocene epochs (37.2—28.4 million years ago), existing for approximately 8.8 million years. Even though it's technically classified as a "false" sabre-toothed cat, Eusmilus had truly gigantic canines, which were almost as long as its entire skull (when not in use, this cat kept its canines warm in adapted pouches on its lower jaw)
an animal that is walking in the grass
Southern Tamandua - New Species (1.13)