Korean traditional wedding dress

ea) Suryashi Huang would wear something similar to this for her official court appearances. Hanbok are almost unbeatable for comfiness and ease of motion, and the wealth of color and gold on such a wonsam would rival anything Europe h


Norigae (hangul: 노리개) is a typical traditional accessory that is hung from a woman's jeogori goreum (coat strings) or hanbok chima (skirt) of Korean traditional dress.

Beautiful Korean traditional dress or ' Hanbok'

Hwang Jin Yi (황진이) Ha Ji Won stars as the legendary poet, musician, dancer, and gisaeng from the Joseon Era in a joung woman Korean

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한복 hanbok, Korean traditional clothes #VOGUEkorea #TildaSwinton

Tilda Swinton Poses in Chanel Looks for Vogue Korea Shoot

Hanbok, Korean traditional costume 상의원 (The Tailors, 2014)

'The Tailors' (Han Seok Kyu, Go Soo, Park Shin Hye and Yoo Yeon Seok) releases posters and trailer

Tilda Swinton is Chanel Chic for Vogue Korea

Tilda Swinton / Photographed by Hong Jang Hyun / Styled by Jerry Stafford, for Vogue Korea August 2015