canon infographic by Jing Zhang and James Wignall

This illustration closely aligns with the "inside the house" concept discussed in the meeting. The illustrative infographic approach allows for clear communication of concepts. Canon infographic on Behance

2012 Twenty Things That Happened On The Internet by Seb NIARK1 FERAUT, via Behance

” One internet year, one illustration, 20 things: can you spot them all ? ” Spread across this picture by Parisian illustrator are references to 20 different events that happened…

The technology explained by the illustration

Imaginary Factory – iPhone 35 Stunning Isometric Letters & Adverts by Jing Zhang

Tanya Maifat

Tanya creates some incredible pixel and isometric art. Full on city scenes, icons, machinery and more can be found on her Dribbble page, or alternatively visit her website.

Worlds Ecosystem Services on Behance

According to an all-embracing study, composed by a team of several renowned scientists and experts, Planet Earth offers 17 different ecosystem services . World's Ecosystem Services

isometric town on Behance

Isometric town by Tommy Chandra, via Behance

Sergey Kostik

This picture is made for Artlebedev studio ([link]) For project "PIZDETS" (apocalypse calendar, my month is September). Picture is zoomed for better experience.

Illustration realized by Rod Hunt. Where is Stig?

Top Gear Where's Stig? Festival book illustration - isometric pixel art by Rod Hunt

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