Crazy Beautiful Wet Wipes embodies the best friend characteristic, yes, the sarcastic, witty, slightly offensive, but comforting to have around best friend. Blue Q's range of wet wipes are as Beautiful and Crazy as the name suggests, with fun witty copy, beautiful fabric patterns, old illustrations and typography.

Crazy Beautiful Wet Wipes by Blue Q

BlueQ Shut The Hell Up Gum

Blue Q Gag Gifts - Shut The Hell Up GumGag Gifts - BikeWorldUSA offers great prices and a wide variety of bicycle parts and bike accessories.

But that's ok, because I'm kind of a bitch.. ; )

You're Kind of a Dick Gum - Whimsical & Unique Gift Ideas for the Coolest Gift Givers

BlueQ Feel Incredibly High Breath Spray

Breath spray Feel incredibly high Directions for use: Spray on tongue then stand on head while breathing quickly into a plastic bag. After 3 minutes, stand up quickly and twirl, arms out, in a helicoptor motion until product takes full effect.

BlueQ Astra Paper Lantern  $10

Recycled Paper Hanging Lantern - Astra – Hello Again. The Astra lantern is a dedication to sweet things and it's just gorgeous. Handmade from recycled paper.