John Holcraft

John Holcraft is a British illustrator who got drawings inspired from 1950s screen print posters, he creates retro style illustrations that depict today malaise. Quirky, snappy and satirical his works of art cover contemporary issues like society’s dependence on technology, devaluation of workforce, obesity, politics and more.
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show me the money bitch!

British illustrator John Holcroft has created an impressive satirical illustration series that contains some sharp statements regarding modern western culture.

baby burger

John Holcroft "Obesity feeding off huge fast food chains. Huge fast food chains feeding off obesity"

Facebreak is the most important meal of the day

British illustrator John Holcroft illustrates the present day modern problems with biting satire. His style is inspired on advertisements from the With his graphics Holcroft takes a look at t…

checkmate world

'In some mysterious way, the continuing possibility of failure is what makes games worth playing,' says Oliver Burkeman

modern yoga

John Holcroft The purpose is to provide vectors everyday modern life satirical manner. The works focus on our dependence on technology, human greed, access to health and many other topics.


British illustrator John Holcroft takes a satirical view of modern-day technological issues through a series of illustrations—in the style of ads from the

you re so fired!

British illustrator John Holcroft’s work is a fascinating mixture of retro-style illustrations combined with satirical commentary on modern-day society.