INfluencia - a serie of covers | Violaine & Jérémy

Violaine et Jérémy is an illustration and graphic arts studio actually based in Paris, France.

Cacao Nativa Book / Studio XL

Cacao Nativa is an editorial project that documents the development and production of thesis project by creators ranging from various disciplines, including architecture, fashion design, interactive design, product design and multimedia arts.

Bruch Idee & Form / 47 Grad

Bruch Idee & Form / 47 Grad

Printing Friends Magazine – Nr.7 Resa | SNASK

Printing Friends is an influential and print exclusive magazine where talents and creators meet and are showcased, in order to inspire the creative industry on a topic.

41 Birmingham | Naughyfish

New Logo and Print for 41 Birmingham by Naughtyfish - BP&O

Logotypes and brochure designed by Naughtyfish for 41 Birmingham, a boutique apartment development situated in Sydney's Alexandria district.

Violaine & Jeremy | L'ADN n°10

Violaine & Jeremy | L'ADN n°10