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일본 일러스트레이터 화려한 색감 <Utomaru> 저는 예전부터 딱보면 아 이게 이 아이의 그림이구나 ...

일본 일러스트레이터 화려한 색감 <Utomaru> 저는 예전부터 딱보면 아 이게 이 아이의 그림이구나 ...

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Yoshi Sodeoka is a Japan born artist and musician who has been producing art projects since the early His digital artwork has been featured on numerous DVDs, film festivals, art galleries, and in exhibitions.

다음 @Behance 프로젝트 확인: “V A P O R W A V E • '9 6 ”

A project using the aesthetic and atmosphere of Vaporwave art and music and interpreting it in my own style. I used themes and scenes from my childhood and focuses on growing up in the late while still focusing on using visuals from the late to…

Wang Wei is the beijing-based 35mm fashion photographer you need to follow on Instagram | Photography | HUNGER TV

Wang Wei is the beijing-based fashion photographer. Something you can consider is shooting with the intentions of making the images look like they were shot on a or camera. Consider shooting at different times of day (outside): sunrise and sunset.