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Vintage Style Business Card. The Estúdio Triciclo loves to bring together typewriter script, old papers and experimental studies. This card has two fronts: one for each designer.
I am soooo doing this whenever I decide to finally print up my cards ... #LifeOfADesigner #NeverSatisfied ... Beautiful print designs for your inspiration | From up North
Portfolio Layout
Magazine article - This design is a beautiful blend between photography and fine art. The simple stamp textures are great in contrast with the detailed images of the articles.
[Questions Responses] layout using white blocks for headlines
Brevario by Daniel Varela | Media as art | print (book, magazine, newspaper) + typography + editorial + layout + design |
Wide margins to give a sense of clarity and readability. Justified paragraphing, which gives a heightened sense of grid and geometry. The dedication of a whole facing-page to one image.
Multipurpose Product Catalogue #GraphicRiver
Modern Magazine Re-design Transworld Surf. Great example of complex grid system.