Softly structured

Softly structured

Capturing the repetition and structures within organic form, closely exploring irregular repeat patterns. Three dimensional technical processes are used in collaboration with various approaches to the traditional use of appliqué, all explored through hand

Raw hemp assembled by Chunghi Lee, 1999, from the collection of Jack Lenor Larsen.

chunghi lee (korean) fabric ( Bojagi (보자기), a traditional Korean wrapping cloth)purposes assemblage 1999 (raw hemp, cloth, stitched) from the collection of jack lenor larsen photo scanned from the book: jack lenor larsen, creator and collector.

Married Women's hair style (1) by Glimja on deviantART

In early Joseon Dynasty,Korean married women used very big and heavy wigs named "Gache",to do up their hairs splendidly. Women thought thatthe higher and bigger wig means 

한복 Hanbok : Korean traditional clothes[dress] | #ModernHanbok

[Wedding Special Planning] ① New interpretation of traditional wedding ceremony New style, New Modern Korean Wedding