More ideas from sein/0124

W CONCEPT : W컨셉 - [MOONTAN:문탠] 16SS CASHBACK JACKET //좀 더 미니멀리즘 해졌는데 새로운 모습이 적어 아쉽다.

Perhaps claire could use this as a starting point working from old logo to create a paired back version which is more minimal

No info on this, but just another great starting point for pattern - the found object. Everyone's done a version of the chain link fence, but that shadow is brilliant, erratic, dynamic. So easily convertible into a successful surface design.

Post Repetition of Form This image gives a sense of unity because of the actual wire pattern is a unified pattern. The added shadow cast by the wire adds an accenting unity to the entire piece, so it seems chaotic at first, but is actually unified.