game concept art by ~sabin-boykinov on deviantART technology within towns

Ny ~sabin-boykinov I love the simple creativity of these props/structures. The light outline and prominent water color strokes add an aesthetic to the concept of "sketch.

Low Poly Plinth

Low Poly Plinth Add a professional touch to your game project with this low poly, hand painted dungeon floor plinth. You should find this items easy to paint over, reshape and alter as needed or it can just be used as is.

사방진 결계석, KKS ~ on ArtStation at

I modeled this tower in maya and zbrush and the original concept was from KKS. I have provided a link to his post on the original concept art image.

Texturing - Siege Of Orgrimmar - WOW - Polycount Forum

I would like to share with you my work done on World of Warcraft as texture artist for the new patch "Siege Of Orgrimmar".

Rune-strology, Terry Maranda

Did a rune based Astrology Chart featuring Yggdrasil, sun and the moon within a clockwork apparatus for an upcoming Storm Bunny Studios book.