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Mellbye Visual Identity

This is a very minimalist visual design, and I think that it works really well. The design is put onto a variety of material, from leaflets and brochures to working websites. The logo cut out is my favourite as I think that this works really well.


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lemme-holla-at-you: johnny-escobar: 'Archimedes' in the Corinth Canal, Greece JE xoxo

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nice idea to minimize grass and include stone. maybe use to extend driveway garden design ideas: landscaping ideas florida

#appTimesTV 창의적인 사람이 되는 29가지 방법에 관한 인포그래픽1.^^

#appTimesTV 창의적인 사람이 되는 29가지 방법에 관한 인포그래픽1.^^

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Shaun M3 작성자 MattGaumont

Shaun M3 작성자 MattGaumont