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Seung Hwan Lee

Seung Hwan Lee
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Introducing... - movie trailer voice 1 the mentor, the messenger, the chosen one annnndddddd THE DRUNK.

Altaïr: The Mentor, Ezio: The Messenger, Connor: The Warrior, Desmond: The Chosen One and Edward: The Drunk - Assassin's Creed

Gorillaz, hell yeah.

have& heard much of gorillaz. the art style is so unique and great but the music videos and animation scares me a little hahA im such a loser

Portrait Of A Doge

Kan Liu is an artist and illustrator based in China. Aside from pooches, he also does some mean paintings of dragon hunters.

Is There A "Sexy Mechanics Of Steampunk" Calendar?

Tara Phillips is a Canadian concept artist who is currently Art Director at indie developer Snowed in Studios.

Nice Town. It'd Be A Shame If Something Happened To It.

It'd Be A Shame If Something Happened To It. Rhys Griffiths is a freelance concept artist and illustrator from Melbourne. You can see more of Rhys’ work at his personal site and ArtStation page.