Seung-hyun Kim
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Coasters using Hobbyre Hobbyra pattern.
Black is more than bold, dark, and gloomy. Black is truly an iconic hue navigating through bright and dark colors. Whatever or whenever black is expose it exemplifies both rich and pure. What a hue and how new does it make an outstanding corporate identity stands out, well just visualize.
Sashiko 1-03 - Medium
Sashiko 2-07 - Large 1
PDF sashiko pattern - - stacking cubes - - modern embroidery
Voila! the pattern emerges! A sashiko tutorial by Saké Puppets
Free Sashiko Patterns Set 2 - Patterns for Sashiko Embroidery and Quilting Designs 9 through 16
2nd-05_tmb.jpg (500×611)  I want to drink this milk!!