CNN - Carla Dasso

Channel Branding Pitch by Carla Dasso. Awesome use of color though out the website and great use of cropped photography for a personal touch

The Coconut Collective designed by Marx Design

New Packaging for The Coconut Collective by Marx Design - BP&O

The Adventurous Blends of William Whistle by Horse

New Packaging for William Whistle by Horse — BP&O

I have a real love for Illustration in design. The Adventurous Blends of William Whistle — The Dieline - Package Design Resource

Briefcase Brand Identity Design by Anagrama

Brand identity design by agency Anagrama for Mexican industrial design studio Briefcase. There it is, another successful branding project by Anagrama.

uBear designed by Hype Type Studio and Mash Creative

New Brand Identity for uBear by Hype Type Studio - BP&O

I collaborated with Paul from Hype Type Studio to design the brand identity, print collateral, packaging and website for uBear® – A high end mobile phone, tablet and laptop accessories company based in Los Angeles, California.Our brief for the uBear® lo…

Torrefacto designed by Fork

New Packaging for Torrefacto by Fork — BP&O

Packaging / Visual identity and coffee packaging designed by Fork for Moscow based roaster Torrefacto

Bear Paws designed by BandB Studio

New Packaging for Bear Paws by B&B Studio — BP&O

Created and designed by B&B design agency, Bear Paw is a limited edition fruit snack for kids.

Inspiral designed by Studio h

New Packaging and Brand Identity for Inspiral by Studio h - BP&O

Inspiral Foods (Redesigned) on Packaging of the World - Creative Package Design Gallery

Propercorn 2014 designed by BandB Studio

New Packaging for Propercorn 2014 by B&B Studio - BP&O

Propercorn packaging 2014 designed by B&B Studio featuring illustrative work by Zoe More O'Ferrall

Le Naturel designed by Moruba

New Packaging for Le Naturel by Moruba - BP&O

Spanish agency Moruba went right to the core of what “Le Natural” wine is about when designing its label. An all natural wine, with no added sulfites, it was important to communicate the best-before date on the

John Lewis Spectrum designed by Pentagram

Packaging for John Lewis Spectrum by Pentagram — BP&O

New packaging design by Pentagram for John Lewis' consumer electronics range Spectrum. Opinion by Richard Baird

Signet 100 HB Pencils designed by Well Made Studio

New Packaging for Signet 100 by Well Made Studio — BP&O

Pencil packaging and visual identity by Well Made Studio for Pedlars' high quality pencil range Signet 100

Proper Beans designed by Interabang

New Packaging for Proper Beans by Interabang - BP&O

Logo and packaging designed by Interabang for British handmade, five-hour baked bean range Proper Beans