19th Century French Stone House

Village House for sale in Lherm, France : Beautifully renovated century stone house.to live in France just once for a moment in time be a little different from Lawton

Paula Deen's waterfront home in Savannah-guest house

It's Paula Deen's House in Savannah, Y'all

Paula Deen’s Savannah Guest House abounds with accents which impart loads of cottage charm.

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Award-winning designer Barbara Barry is internationally known for her streamlined interiors and elegant home furnishings. Her look speaks to quiet luxury, comfort and ease – supporting her design philosophy that living simply and with quality is

Richard Neutra. Kronish House. 1955. Beverly Hills, California.

The Kronish House, Beverly Hills, CA by renowned modernist architect Richard Neutra built in 1954 Photo: The Kronish House in Beverly Hills. From Modernism magazine.