Type Directors Club 60th Annual Exhibition by Collins

Type Directors Club Annual poster design Exhibition by Collins

black / white striped art by Tyler Spangler


Really Good :) Strikingly Awesome Folding Book CD Packaging ~ Bashooka (.what a neat idea!

Digital art selected for the Daily Inspiration #1400

minimalistic poster by james bradley for independent film "feathers"

Editorial Design

Editorial Design

NOUS ADORONS. Magnifique. Les gens. Les couleurs, la simplicité.

NSF Annual Report A booklet about community leaders. The leaders are cutout and highlighted by the color of the next page. The same color scheme is used throughout the booklet as background headline and text.

clean - smart

Pocket Universe Stationery by Chang Shi: The perfect gift for a design-obsessed astro-nerd!

Christopher David Ryan, Tiny Part

Space art by Christopher David Ryan


Book Covers of Note June 2015

why-information-grows-design-richard-green Like: neat concept and execution Love the lines and alignment of text.

Beyond Earth: A Minimal Poster Series by Stephen Di Donato — Designspiration

I chose for this image to be in my book binding board because I really like the way you can still see the craftsmanship that's used to bind the book. it also gives the book a rough kind of look that really fits static kind of books

Pink and lovely Book Design

7abcc7171fbd862443adfa8da40c2de8.jpg 500×2,598 pixels

Brochure / sleeve, I like this idea of a vinyl cover because it is a different way of presenting work.

Graphis / Public Viewing | 100 Best Annual Reports 2012

Lines create visual movement