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중국 바람이 수묵화 소나무

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shades of trees. Oscar Droege. Take out the pine trees and it is a spitting image of Africa. Wow I love this--

 “Picture in the painting, painting in the picture”Lang Jingshan (Chinese: 郎靜山; 1892 – 13 April also romanized as Long Chin-san and Lang Ching-shan, was a pioneering photographer and one of the first Chinese photojournalists. Asian Landscape, Chinese Landscape Painting, Chinese Painting, Landscape Art, Landscape Paintings, Art Paintings, Indian Paintings, Abstract Paintings, Japan Painting

Lang Jingshan

Lang Jingshan was a pioneer photographer who advocated a type of creative photography that mingled with the principles of Chinese traditional painting from the 1920s onwards.

Pine trees, brook, mist - Raining Day - by James Tan, Vancouver, BC Asian Landscape, Chinese Landscape Painting, Landscape Drawings, Japanese Painting, Chinese Painting, Chinese Art, Landscape Art, Landscape Paintings, Chinese Brush

Lingnan School of Painting / 嶺南派畫家-陳蘊化

Chinese Canadian Artist James Tan, Chinese brush painting by Vancouver artist James Tan. This Lingnan style of paintings is taught by James Tan. James gives lectures and demonstrations on the history and art of Chinese brush painting. 嶺南派畫家,嶺南派國畫大師, 國畫課程, 函授課程, 網上習畫, 國畫示範.