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Winnipeg firm 5468796 Architecture brings its reputation for fresh, practical modernism to Toronto’s east end


Brick Facade, Architectural Models, Wall Design, Dip, Facades, Maquette Architecture, Architecture Models, Facade

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RSI, based in Paris, provides visual identity for architectural firms and advertising agencies.

패치워크 패턴으로 외관을 둘러싼 3층 건물은 멕시코 패션 브랜드인 Massimo Dutti의 부티크이다. "도시적인 퀄리티로 끌어올리자"는 계획하에 최근 몇년 간 리노베이션이 진행되었던 멕시코 도심 구역에 Sordo Madaleno Architects 의 지휘 아래 설계된 이 건물은 기존의 콘크리트와 스틸 건물을 변형시켜 만들었다. 심플한 선과 자재의 순수성, 그리고 시간을 초월하는 공간이 더해져 모두의 이목을 끌 수 있는 건물로 재탄생..

Image 28 of 38 from gallery of Massimo Dutti / Sordo Madaleno Arquitectos. Photograph by Jaime Navarro

Как выглядят дворы социального жилья в Европе: gre4ark

Image 1 of 21 from gallery of “CasaNova” Social Housing / cdm architetti associati. Photograph by Andrea Martiradonna

EDP Headquarters by Aires Mateus Architects, Lisbon, Portugal.

EDP - Energias de Portugal ranks among Europe's major electricity operators, as well as being one of Portugal's largest business groups. Building was designed by Aires Mateus Architects and FVarq.


Image 1 of 19 from gallery of 16 Social Housing Units / Atelier Gemaile Rechak. Photograph by Milene Servelle

Francisco Mangado . Palacio de Congresos y Hotel . Palma de Mallorca (2)

Francisco Mangado . Palacio de Congresos y Hotel . Palma de Mallorca (2)

Completed in 2016 in Chippendale, Australia. Images by Sharrin Rees, David Roche. A piece of sculpture to be lived in, this exciting project fronts newly-built Central Park in Sydney’s Chippendale and creates an inspiring residence...

Indigo Slam / Smart Design Studio

Концепция жилой застройки участка №5 района «Технопарк» иннограда «Сколково». Конкурсный проект

m i l i m e t d e s i g n - A r c h i t e c t u r e M a g a z i n e - Block Residential Area in ‘Skolkovo’ Innovative Center design by TOTEMENT PAPER

EDP Headquarters,© Juan Rodriguez

Gallery of EDP Headquarters / Aires Mateus - 1