I don't know what this is, but it's fantastic. So are the rest of the images in the gallery.

독특한 컬러감이 유니크해보인다

Duotone/Gradients, Bold/Rich Typography, Organized Chaos, Thought out narratives - smooth animations between sections

Design- This could be used as infographics but it's very simple and I enjoy the contrast of color. the contrast, we could keep in mind while taking pictures.

The strawberry stands out well and is well designed, the colour scheme makes the poster more appealing.

회색계열의 이미지를 사용하면, 세련된 느낌과 통일감을 줄 수있으며, 컬러풀한 이미지를 쉽게 수정이 가능하다는 장점이 있다.

Virgult by Martina Cavalieri, via Behance. A branding created for an artist, just can result in a piece of more art.

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