Strawberry Lime Agua Fresca is the perfect refreshing drink for a hot summer day! |

2 cups cold water 4 cups fresh strawberries, trimmed 2 limes, juiced ¼ c sugar (optional) lime slices (optional) Blend strain serve over ice / lemonade

Fun Stuff on Behance

This is a collection of rendering demos I did for my classes at Pasadena City Collage and Otis Collage of Art and Design. I will also put some random project sketches and things here too.

concept page idea HP ShredJet on Industrial Design Served More

his is a student project. It does not reflect any future plans or strategy from Hewlett-Packard company. --- HP ShredJet is a paper shredder that will blend within your office space. Specifically designed for small offices, it will rep