Flat UI Elements PSD

Flat UI Elements PSD

Flat Design or Flat UI Designing has been one of the most leading trends in web and user interface design. Today we are showcase of free Flat PSD elements for

Each circumference could be a different dimensions...hold down until the circle begins to complete to the point that best describes your mood

Search Preferences UI by Unity // interesting but not auto-descriptive.


8 jQuery Range Slider Plugins

Here are jQuery range slider plugins that can be used in many cases like filtering the products based on a range of price.

4 Web Selector Sliders UI Set - http://www.welovesolo.com/4-web-selector-sliders-ui-set/

4 Unique web sliders with choice of range, percentage, and selection – PSD set.

#一周一动#【设计的法则 - 80/20法则】在所... 来自移动端设计 - 微博

Curated by Freebie Supply. “Favorite UI Interactions - Chapter VII” is published by Freebie Supply in Inspiration Supply

Pure CSS Flat Sliders

Better Interface Design: Logins, Menus, Toggles And Other Fancy Modules

Matter 2.0 - Slider Control by Matter

Matter 2.0 - Slider Control

Matter - Slider Control by Matter

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