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bangqiao_yan black_hair bob_cut from_above indoors light original paper_airplane railing school_uniform serafuku short_hair solo stairs window


justinoaksford: “ Notes for an Anon who asks, “ Hey Justin, thanks for your reply earlier. Just wanted to expand on my previous ask - do you have any tips for achieving colour harmony across an entire painting?

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ghibli-collector: “ The Day I Harvested a Star 星をかった日 (Hoshi o Katta Hi) Ghibli Museum Art Booklet Hoshi o Katta Hi lit. “The Day I Raised (Harvested) a Planet” is an animated short film directed by Hayao Miyazaki and released January It was.

度安采集到游戏 - 花瓣

度安采集到游戏 - 花瓣