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This was a different technique I used to make straw constructions. Straws were placed on a peg board and then lightly ironed over in order to mould and hold together the straws into shape. This is an idea of how many straws I collected over two years…

Plastic Straw Sculptures : Annie Boyden Varnot

Annie Boyden Varnot - It almost seems impossible that Annie Boyden Varnot's stunning sculptures are made out of straws. Colorfully abstract, they look more like liv.

Iced mushroom

libutron: “ Crystal Palace by John Richter ” Frost Flowers -It is as beautiful as it is rare. A frost flower is created on autumn or early winter mornings when ice in extremely thin layers is pushed.

Lucy Litman8

this pin is a depiction of the design element of COLOR. The picture shows matching real life objects to their color number on the pantone scale. Which is a way of identifying different shades of color on the RBG scale.