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Exochorda macrantha The Bride

Also know as the Pearl Bush as the opening flower buds resemble pearls. The arching branches are covered in white flowers throughout April and May. The red and orange leaf colour in autumn is stunning. Ultimate height and spread of Supplied in a

Bressingham Gardens

The Bressingham Gardens are six distinct gardens totalling over 17 acres hectares) in Bressingham, Norfolk.

Eremurus Himalaicus   6 for 13.95 by alyssa miller

Eremurus Himalaicus 6 for by alyssa miller

Lawn alternative - Designing with Drought-Resistant Plants - Sunset

Lawn alternative - Rich green Myoporum parvifolium carpets the area closest to the front door. Native to Australia, it grows 3 to 6 inches tall and spreads to 9 feet, but doesn’t stand up to foot traffic.