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im wowed. it really breaks down exactly how many days you were sleeping in a 44-day period. now i need to find out exactly how much sleep i really need.

Adam Griffiths - 44 Days of Sleep A project based on my own personal sleeping pattern. Documented on a printed bed sheet.

직장인들, 하루 평균 10시간 55분 회사서 보내 [인포그래픽] #worker / #Infographic ⓒ 비주얼다이브 무단 복사·전재·재배포 금지

This really stuck out to me because of how sleek it is using nice photos as backgrounds for the info graphic

초미세먼지 잡는 우리 집 ‘봄맞이 대청소 꿀팁’ [인포그래픽] # / #Infographic ⓒ 비주얼다이브 무단 복사·전재·재배포 금지

초미세먼지 잡는 우리 집 ‘봄맞이 대청소 꿀팁’ [인포그래픽] # / #Infographic ⓒ 비주얼다이브 무단 복사·전재·재배포 금지

Clean Infographic Resume Vol 2  & Cover Letter

Infographic Resume Vol. 2

CV / Resume in the style of an infographic

17 Amazing Examples Of CV/Resume Design & Creativity

Best Creative Resume Design Infographics Best collection of resume designs 2016 for all. Examples of CV and curriculum vitae samples for all freshers and

I design Infographic Resumes - check out my portfolio by clicking on the pic.

Michelle was one of my first infographic resume clients, and she’s my first to completely overhaul her resume with me.

Seasons_04.jpg (600×800)

Seasons_04.jpg (600×800)