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LOOK UP HANDLE Provenance - Jagruthtech.in offers services like printing, CAD model, Fem analysis, mechanical engineering services and also drawing, drawing

Ocean Blast / Carbonated water machine _ Whale motive concept design / LEQUIP 2nd idea & design contest _ Gold priz

I think sparkling water maker is essential items in the future. Might already becoming mandatory item. As the issues in domestic in various fields, consumers who looking for a feature-rich carbonated water maker are increasing. On the basis of such a tre…

EPIQUAL - The Most Beautiful Design Toothbrush Ever by EPIQUAL — Kickstarter

EPIQUAL is raising funds for EPIQUAL - The Most Beautifully Designed Toothbrush. on Kickstarter! Toothbrush is about how we live better, not the science of dentistry. Support our efforts in driving out ugly & gimmicky toothbrush.