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우리도 이런 날이 오겠지? ^^

evening wine picnic at the eiffel tower. wishing this for for my Paris loving beautiful princess one day. if she finds someone to do this for her when she is all grown up, he might just be close to good enough for her:-)

고다군 이렇게 입혀야겠다!!!!!

"southern boys Okay. When did this become the ideal southern boy? Yeah he's hot but when I think of southern boy I want my man in camo and boots!

Nutella Espresso Mug Cake with Fresh Raspberries/고다군이 좋아하겠어^^

Nutella Espresso Mug Cake with Fresh Raspberries 4 tbsp flour 3 tbsp sugar 1 tsp espresso powder or instant coffee (I used Starbucks VIA Extra Bold) 1 egg 3 tbsp cocoa powder 3 tbsp Nutella 3 tbsp milk 2 tbsp vegetable oil Pinch