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인포그래픽 포스터 Ι 북바인딩(제책)

Each printed cell is folded, stitched together with a thread or wire, cutIt is called book binding (booklet) to attach a cover to it and make it into a book.The effort to make a beautiful and robust book is as old as the history of the book.


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2018 다이어리

2018 다이어리

Criando ícones apenas com 1 linha

DFT aka Differantly is a creative duo specialized in line art. With their singular one line drawing style, they deconstruct complex imagery into minimalist art.

set time 조작 UI이다. 파스텔톤의 색상과 인포그래피등에 알맞는 조작화면을 보여주는 것 같다.:

R: Nice effort for color gradient but too minimalist, I don't know what's going on. A mono-color theme is too heavy especially with a dark purple.