Idea for exhibition booklet ? Portfolio Booklet by Emre Ozbek intro infographic and number visual info->introduce briefly_

I particularly like th lettering style (sans serif but rounded at edges just slightly to be more friendly). I also like the movement of the lettering and how it feels fun and surprising.

160 Cooking Icons on Behance

160 Cooking Icons on Behance This was interesting because it showed the iconic representation of an item in front of the item itself. You can see how the three icons are similar in style which relates them to each other.

Vincent Moon de Gira by Naranjo—Etxeberria, via Behance

Vincent Moon poster "on tour" to present his short films Les Petit Planètes - by Naranjo—Etxeberria

Daily Inspiration #2154

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Personal Branding on Behance

I like how this logo captures the different icons found in design. The pen tool for illustrator and the bulb to represent the new and exciting ideas. It is a cool and quirky way to convey the ideas. Also the blue represents loyalty and white purity


Posters / 100 Days - Interesting variations of the great Josef Muller Brockmann s Beethoven poster.