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A series of images exploring one moment in time across an infinite universe.


Poster advertising nike shoes - The layout of the design consists of the imagery in the centre to put the main focus on the product

Little loop / a dad & his on on the road!Thanks Lullatone for the music!​lullatone.com/category/music

Little loop / a dad & his son on the road! The video was in HD but I had to…

Agency: Koenig & PartnersClient: El Universo NewspaperCreative Director: César Sepúlveda / Fabián MartínezArt Director: Freddy Agostini / Santiago Landaburu / Fabián MartínezCopywriter: Juan Carlos Encalada / Rubén Sáenz / César Sepúlveda3D Modeling:…

El Universo: This wonderfully creative ad is simple, relevant and full of life all at the same time. Using the reverse tear drop shape familiar to maps, this ad speaks volumes about making yourself known.


Hunky-dunky is a Creative Design Studio formed by Yonito Tanu & Jessica Chapiness.

Coffee Sapiens "Pieces" Print Campaign on Behance

Coffee Sapiens "Pieces" Print Campaign on Behance by Sulfurica Motion Design

Since the wrapping up of the WIP feature I decided to post this "Work in Progress" for my short animation "On the Run". There's nothing really new here but for those who want a peek into how some of the models were created, this is for you! The project is…

A personal project created with BodyPaint, Corel Painter, After Effects, Illustrator and Photoshop