Yujin Lee
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Royal Crown Wax Seal Stamp Kit
The typical regal wax stamp gets a playful makeover with a colored wax. Try it on thank you notes, cards, or favors.
Medialoot - Ink and Water - Photoshop Brushes
Capital, March 2015, #19 on Magpile
Really like this classy annual report - Stockholm Banco Nice Full Bleed Image on the Front Cover
LAYOUT IDEA Even though this is a paper, we felt that the layout could easily work in a magazine, or even for a webzine. The use of large photos is something we like the idea of doing, and the placement of the text boxes is very easy to read, but without looking boring.
"Node" Responsive Portfolio Template. Copyright is interesting as well as the idea of losing information.
PPT Template Designed by Simon.  Download:http://www.pptstore.net/ppt_tubiao/7125.html
See how marketing affects your brain.
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