luminaria de xicaras colorindo o ambiente. Copa?

These coffee cup lights may be a museum or art installation but it looks like it might be an interesting detail to put around your DIY coffee counter.

Cafe인테리어를 만나다 :: 네이버 블로그

Mix and Chic: A rustic industrial kitchen in Napa Valley! A rustic industrial kitchen in The beauty of rustic industrial kitchens rustic i.

상품정보 미디어, 바이킹 뉴스 - 상품을 통해 세상을 본다™

Established & Sons Corner Light A unique light source. The lamp lives in the corner of a room, creating a glowing triangle that seems to ble.


"Gosh - so much here! Layout - coffee machine w sink opposite, teas in magnet canisters on metal board, pay here banner"

Foto's - New York Ceiling Co. - Importeur voor Europa van 's Werelds grootste stalen panelenfabrikant. Panelen schijnen in Europese systeemplafond rasters te passen.

Interior design by Pure Creative International. Interior design by Pure Creative International: MATTO is a bar and pizzeria in Shanghai.