C37 (animation layout design) +  unused storyboard / Bahi JD from 日本橋高架下R計画 Music Video  IA/01 -BIRTH-  Director: Takuya Hosogane

(animation layout design) + unused storyboard / Bahi JD from 日本橋高架下R計画 Music Video -BIRTH- Director: Takuya Hosogane

【アニメ好き必見!】これは凄い!!アニメの絵コンテ まとめ|萌えイラスト上達法! お絵かき初心者の学習部屋

【アニメ好き必見!】これは凄い!!アニメの絵コンテ まとめ|萌えイラスト上達法! お絵かき初心者の学習部屋

Yann Le Gall

Basquash BG Here are some layouts of the 2 desert cities that appear in the show. I don’t remember well but and are probably based respectively on Thomas and Stan’s drawings.