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gnanelmasreya: “ Well damn ”

Dana the Ragnarok — gnanelmasreya: Well damn

Luis Melo

Keep moving down your own path.let it be a fluid ride . And always know that you are being showered with divine light to illumine the next step of the journey .

good vs evil

A nude and vulnerable fairy is confronted by a serpent or dragon in a cave. She reaches out to it hesitantly. Were they friends? One Last Time by Steven Stahlberg.


Beautiful yet haunting is the best way to describe Craww’s artwork. Using a variety of different mediums including pencil, paint, and spilt ink, Craww creates sad girls with large, expressive hands. See more at My Modern Metropolis.

BLD by Cushart on DeviantArt

Anime picture with original krenz long hair single tall image looking at viewer light erotic breasts simple background blue hair yellow eyes standing horn (horns) grey girl thighhighs dress weapon armor bandage (bandages)