Uma imagem aerea mostrando em 3D um eixo. Pode ser a manoel elias ou a boulevard que desce

DS18_2014/15: Architecture, Energy, Matter 2, Semester 2 – Designing with Energy

Samples of student work: Jared Baron: Cultivated Wastelands Co-operative Natural fertiliser produced from the breakdown of organic waste holds huge potential for Graaff Reinet and its surrounding area.

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axo - 'Playscapes for Chicago' - developed through direct engagement with real primary school children - Bartlett Unit 11 - Emma Kitley - 2016

Visceral Intricacy IV: The Psychoactive-Chocolate Mental Retreat: final design presentation

Dear World The fourth chapter of Visceral Intricacy is drawing to a spectacular close. This Thursday the of May Visceral Intri.

JDS Architects | Aalborg Harbour Bath

Aalborgs’s harbour bath is part of a greater transformation of a past industrial harbour into a programmatic harbour promenade consisting of parks, museums, restaurants, a visitor’s centre, sports- and play …