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Rapunzel Wig Tutorial Part 2 by Echoing-Artemis

Not going to lie, this is a looooong tutorial, but well worth it. Created by Echoing-Artemis, this is a tutorial to make your own Rapunzel wig!

Awesomeguy's Wig Cutting Tutorial Part 1 - & part 2 -

This is my first tutorial that I have made myself so please don't get angry if it doesn't make any sense Wig cutting tutorial [part Pictures taken by. Awesomeguy's Wig Cutting Tutorial Part 1

Andrea Hübner. Editorial make-up photo.  Charlie Chaplin-esque.

vintage clown makeup (not brows) and I like the collar. Again, white tank & suspenders with trousers. Sloppy updo maybe a smaller floral hair pin.