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A delicious-looking pita bread pencil case, designed by Mohar Design

Zipmark, A Bookmark That Looks Like a Zipper

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printed strvct shoes by continuum fashion” american studio continuum fashion have conceived a wearable shoe collection entitled ‘strvct’. the futuristic web-like structures are composed.

Shocking Jewelry Pieces in Barbie Style by Margaux Lange This is Barbie murder. The Great Barbie Massacre Necklace


hEarring Blossom ~ Margaux Lange "Barbie’s body parts like hands, ears, breasts, eyes, mouths and much more are part of the Plastic Body Series" photo © Margaux Lange

Proste, a jakie efektowne

DIY, nails, nail polish, design, cosmetics different color pattern but cool

Łyżeczka jak widać nie musi służyć tylko do jedzenia

27 DIY Beauty Hacks Every Girl Should Know. ♦ Has some good tips! Use a spoon to get the perfect wing shape for your eyeliner.

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Bicycle Wine Rack Leather 1 frame by oopsmark on Etsy I adore this wine bottle carrier by Jesse Herbert. If I drank wine or rode a bike I would be all over this! Bonus points for being a Canadian.

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